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All Star Lanes, Holborn // Review

There are two things you need to know about me. One, I loveΒ bowling. Two, I am terrible at bowling. Having not bowled since roughly 2004, I’ve found myself at All Star Lanes twice in the past month, and honestly, just had the best time (on both occasions). Yesterday evening, we turned up (for my friends… Continue reading All Star Lanes, Holborn // Review

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‘So what do you do for fun?’

If your childhood was anything like mine, it will have been imprinted into your brain (by all parents / teachers / mysterious old people at family gatherings who claim to be related to you) since what feels like the dawn of time, that having a hobby is a Good Thing. Although you may not have… Continue reading ‘So what do you do for fun?’

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Whyte and Brown, Soho // Restaurant Review

As someone who loves to go out for dinner, I was very excited when a friend offered my partner and I a voucher for half-price food (!) at Whyte and Brown, a Soho restaurant specialising in chicken and egg dishes, nestled in a cute courtyard just off Carnaby Street. When we arrived, we were shown… Continue reading Whyte and Brown, Soho // Restaurant Review

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Living a Meaningful Life

As part of the lifestyle changes I’ve been making to help manage my (lack of) money situation, the single most important thing in helping me begin to achieve this has been changing my mindset towards buying and owning so many things. Being lucky enough to grow up in a pretty well-off family, I spent the… Continue reading Living a Meaningful Life