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(Almost) Free London Bucket List, 2017

I know it’s slightly almost-two-months late, but I finally decided to put together a bucket list of the top ten free (or almost free!) activities I want to experience in London this coming year. Having fun in London can be incredibly expensive, but there are also so many amazing things to do, and places to… Continue reading (Almost) Free London Bucket List, 2017

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All Star Lanes, Holborn // Review

There are two things you need to know about me. One, I loveΒ bowling. Two, I am terrible at bowling. Having not bowled since roughly 2004, I’ve found myself at All Star Lanes twice in the past month, and honestly, just had the best time (on both occasions). Yesterday evening, we turned up (for my friends… Continue reading All Star Lanes, Holborn // Review

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‘So what do you do for fun?’

If your childhood was anything like mine, it will have been imprinted into your brain (by all parents / teachers / mysterious old people at family gatherings who claim to be related to you) since what feels like the dawn of time, that having a hobby is a Good Thing. Although you may not have… Continue reading ‘So what do you do for fun?’

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Ain’t no Party like a ‘Broke’ House Party

From roughly the age of sixteen, I have absolutelyΒ adored house parties. As much as I do enjoy a cheeky trip to the pub / cocktail bar / 80’s-themed big-night-out, the true love of my partying life has to be the classic house party. Why? Oh, so many reasons. The alcohol is cheap (or free), the… Continue reading Ain’t no Party like a ‘Broke’ House Party