Hi! Welcome to Broke in London, where I blog about how I live the life of my dreams in one of the most exciting cities in the world, on as little money as possible.

My name is Lucy, and I’m a twenty-something Oxford University graduate who recently moved to the big city to study for a PhD. While I completely adore what I do, and am so grateful to be able to keep studying a subject I love (and being paid for it!), it can be hard to keep up with all the incredible things London has to offer on a pretty tight budget.

Sunny days in Regents Park

In the pages of this blog, I’m going to describe how I make the best out of my time in this amazing place, using as little money as (reasonably) possible*.

Excited to meet you, and welcome to my life.


* Note; I do adore brunching, exploring, cocktail-drinking, yoga-ing, and generally having fun, so my idea of frugal may not be exactly the same as yours. While I am trying to make financially good decisions, I do also want to enjoy being young(ish) in such an incredible city, so for me, balance really is the key.