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As much as I adore London, sometimes I really just need to get away from the city and reflect on things for a while. This weekend, I’ve been up in Staffordshire at my parents’ house (I actually came to pick up all my skiing gear, but it’s also a great excuse to eat think a lot).

I’m an incredibly lucky person. Although I am working pretty hard at trying to keep the balance in my life, in terms of saving up for my future while still having fun, I know that I will always have my family to fall back on, if ever I need to. A lot of people don’t. As much as I love feeling financially independent(ish), the knowledge that I have a safety net is really reassuring to me, and I think sometimes it’s good to remind myself how damn privileged I actually am.

Wintery Staffordshire days ❤

This is (hopefully) going to be the hardest time of my life in terms of being broke. I knew from the start that doing a PhD was going to mean I had very little money for three years, and I don’t regret it for a second. Although I would (obviously) love to have more money to spend on having the time of my life, part of me enjoys the challenge of living on a budget; it’s kind of like a game (and honestly, I am so competitive, even  with myself). I like to think that this experience will make me eternally grateful in the future, when (again, hopefully) I have more cash available.

So many aspects of my life are such a dream right now. I have incredible friends and family, everyday I get to work on something I love and believe in (working with an amazing supervisor), and I get to spend my free time doing things I love in the most exciting city.

Although I do need to be pretty smart about where I spend my money, and sometimes it does get me down that I have to be so careful with it all the time, it’s also important for me to remind myself that my life is pretty close to perfect, and that I should be a little bit more grateful for that ❤



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