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Friday Five – 17th February, 2017

It’s been another pretty decent week for me in terms of money-saving, (largely due to my continued not-drinking!) February is treating me pretty well. Here is a quick run-down of five of the practical things I’ve done this past week to save myself some $$$.

  1. Instead of going out to eat, my partner and I decided to have a chill evening in for Valentine’s day, and actually had a great time with the Waitrose two dine for £20 and some Netflix  (plus, we have the bottle of Prosecco waiting for the end of dry February, yaaaay).
  2. I am getting faaaar better at controlling my spending impulses (even resisting a 30% off sale at my beloved Burger and Friends). I’ve not bought myself any new clothes since the Christmas holidays, which has got to be some kind of record.

    Rediscovering so many amazing clothes I already own.
  3. I earned another $0.90 on Pact just for doing my regular running / walking, and from now on have upped my pact to 6 days per week (I decided not to go for 7, just to give myself some leeway in case I get ill etc), to get a tiny bit more money for doing basically nothing.
  4. Speaking of apps, I also retrieved my old, extremely battered phone from the depths of my ‘stuff drawer’, and have started using it to run a couple of passive income apps (more in-depth blog post to come on this later) to make a little extra side-money.
  5. I managed another week of soup, bagels, and home-made salads for lunch at work, avoiding the (delicious) roasted veg and goats cheese chunky sandwich from our local cafe (it’s gonna taste extra good when I do treat myself ❤ ).

So, this week  and last week have been pretty great in terms of money-saving. Hoping the rest of February goes this well!




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