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Friday Five – 10th February, 2017

As part of my blogging schedule, I’ve decided to include a weekly post entitled ‘Friday Five‘. These posts will be released (shockingly) every Friday, and will be a quick overview of five of the best things I’ve done this week, in terms of saving, earning, or wisely-spending money.

So, for my first-ever Friday Five;

  1. I am currently ten whole days into ‘Dry February’ (yes, I realise this is usually a January event, but I just had too many fun events lined up to even attempt to go alcohol-free last month. Plus, February is the shortest month of the year…), and by not-drinking I am saving so much money.
  2. Despite the fairly chilly weather (I am not a person who deals well with being cold), I have been braving the 25 minute walk to and from University this week. I hate crowded public transport, and I’m also aiming to walk 10,000 steps per day, minimum (see no. 3).
  3. I recently downloaded an app called ‘Pact’ to my phone. For those who don’t know of it, the premise is simple – you agree to a goal relating to health and fitness, and for each week you meet it, you get a small amount of money credited to your account (which can be transferred into your PayPal etc). The money comes from other users who fail to fulfil their ‘Pact’ (yeah, the downside is you get charged $5 for each activity you fail to complete – such good motivation), and so the amount you earn varies dependant on how many people complete their Pact each week. I decided to stick with a step-counting goal (I run and walk quite a bit, and it seems like the most reliable activity type in terms of being sure the app actually accepts that you have hit your goal), which is a minimum of 10,000 per day. In my first week I did only earn $0.90, but only doing what I do anyway, so it really does seem to be money for nothing.road
  4. I love to go out for dinner a lot in the evening, and so to balance this out a little, I’ve been eating mostly bread and soup for my lunch at work. So cheap, but also delicious.
  5. Water is my new best friend. As well as having an alcohol-free month, I’m also trying to somewhat break my addiction to diet cherry coke (<3). Water is free and actually doesn’t taste that bad.


So, these were five of the main things I did this week to help myself, money-wise. If anyone has any other fun ideas, or wants to share their own five things, please go ahead!



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